Monday, November 9, 2009

Transformers 2 breaks the bank/Give The Hangover credit...

Well my prediction at the beginning of this year that Star Trek would be the top grossing film of 2009 was a tad off, it's still sits at the # 5 slot at an impressive 256 million dollars at the box office.
Not to my surprise the top grosser looks like it will be The Transformers sequel banking in a colossal 399 million dollars. And imagine that I didn't even see it ( nor will I ) making me look like I am in the high minority of people that didn't see it..
What is a pleasant surprise, was that my favorite comedy of the year, The Hangover has grossed 270 million dollars. Unheard of numbers considering the genre and the cast involved ( non A list ) The animated film Up, which originally had a high budgeted price tag attached to it at 175 million, is sitting comfortably at the # 3 position, pulling in 289 million, making it more than a 100 million dollar profit.

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