Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too much bandwagon jumping

If you have seen Precious and think it's the best thing since sliced bread, and you genuinely feel that, then more power to you, but I am seeing way too many people replying on blogs and websites saying Precious is the best movie of 2009. Please. Most people haven't even seen it yet. It reminds me of last year, where in November everybody already had their minds made up that Slumdog was the best film of 2008. Sorry, it wasn't. In reality, it was the little film that could at best. This is a whole other debate. I also didn't think it had the best cinematography of the year either. Most people don't know that it came one day away from being released on DVD before a distributor bought and saved it from possible obscurity on the video shelves. Then it becomes the best movie of the year ?! Before it received a wide release peope were already saying it was the best film of the year, many of those people hadn't even seen it, but still making the claim.
In a perfect world, movies would not get special screenings, critics would see the films at the same time as the general public and we wouldn't have it in October people predicting who the best picture of the year is months before the Oscar nominations are even announced.

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