Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saoirse Ronan still a favorite for a Best Actress nod ?

The 15 year old ( pronouced " shur-shee " ) that will play young Susie Salmon in next months The Lovely Bones is still on many critics and movie website pundits predictions that she will be nominated for 1 of the 5 slots for the Best Actress Oscar. Seems everybody who has a voice, has the 5 ladies already sewn up. Streep, Mulligan, Sidibe, Cornish and Ronan.
I have seen the trailer and have just recently re-read the book, and I see the characters as more of an ensemble piece. I would never say that her age is the reason why I don't see it, I just don't think it's going to happen.
Everyone who once ( for a minute ) lauded Emily Watson's sizzling, enigmatic performance witnessed just from the trailer in Within The Whirlwind, have all but forgotten her or think the movie is dead in the water and won't see a 2009 release date.
I do know this...on November 15th the film will get a screening at The Boston Jewish Film Festival. I think the Best Actress Oscar race would be a fail if her name wasn't added in the discussion. Crossing my fingers for a buyer and 2009 release.
As of now, looking like an uphill battle.

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