Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just got back from Up In The Air

It was a solid movie. Just short of great because at times it meanders and there are some slow ( boring ) things going on. I think it's Clooney's 2nd best performance of his career. Behind Michael Clayton. But I like how he played this charatcer and the script has great dialogue and Jason Reitman is proven to be one of the best young directors of his time. And I'd also be failing if I didn't mention that Anna Kendrick SHOULD get a Oscar nod in support.

So my prediction Oscar prediction for Up In The Air ?

I say that it will easily get a best pic nod. Likewise for screenplay and supporting actress. Then I don't know. Right now I have to see more male lead performances until the end of this year to say George should get nominated. As of now, he gets in. But this is a crowded category this year. We'll see by the end of 2009.


RC said...

You think Vera will join Kendrick as a nominee?

moviefreak said...

George is in. It's a lock. As for Vera...she's has a very good chance. But ya never know. The Oscar's are their own entity and they have been known in the past to snub someone that seemed lie a shoe in and or nominate a thespian that wasn't on the radar.

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