Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DUI Lawyers in LA never dry up with Hollywood clientele

It always blows my mind to hear news when a wealthy actor/musician/pro athlete gets busted for dui. You have to wonder if their celebrity clouds their judgement as if they are above the law. Remember, these are people with easy access to personal drivers.
When I heard about the actor ( Thomas Dekker ) from The Terminator TV series getting a dui, I happened to be sitting with a friend when we saw that news come on and we both had the same thought come out of our mouths almost at the same time. " Why don't they have a driver ?! "
If you want to get loaded, feel free. But why choose to drive your own car ? These are people unlike a regular Joe, who have the funding to pay for a driver. It truly is one of those things that is a mind blower.

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