Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best graphics yet for Call Of Duty 2 ?

Video gaming doesn't have much in common with actual movie making, but Call Of Duty 2 was just released to much anticipation and one of my friends is a big gaming guy that went out and bought it the first day it was on sale.
What does this have to do with movies ? Well I went over to his house to see what the hype was all about. I don't play video games anymore. The last foray into that activity was earlier in this decade with Madden football. I have to be honest if I said I wasn't curious to see this video game.
After my friend set up the game and began learning the new version, I couldn't help but be very impressed with the graphics. The technology in these video games never ceases to amaze me. And as I sat there watching him play the game, I couldn't help but think about when this game is going to be optioned for a motion picture. I'm sure the millions of fans of the game would love to see a movie based on it.
I don't think Hollywood big wigs could pass that idea up. After all it's all about the money right ?

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