Friday, November 6, 2009

The Men Who Stare At Goats unfair analogy by some

I saw the movie and I liked it. No, it's not greatest thing you'll see ( what is anymore ? ) but I felt it was enjoyable movie fare. And you can't deny that the premise is original. I loathe material that's been done hundred's of times, turned around with different people and just calling it something else. This is material we pretty much haven't seen yet.
I have read a couple reviews ( and I had a feeling this would happen even before it's release ) that make the analogy that it's " trying " to be a Coen brothers movie. I didn't think or feel that, and you must remember that Grant Heslov ( the writer and director ) wrote Good Night and Good Luck a few years ago. Maybe it " feels " like a Coen film because of it's quirkiness in premise. But it's just an adaptation from a book.
I say see the film for yourself and don't go in thinking that it's influenced by the Coen brothers and you should enjoy the film.

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