Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Road is just two weeks away...

November 25 to be exact. I have re-read the book two times in the last three months. Do not let the bleakness of the premise sway you in a negative way in not seeing this movie. The premise is far more about the human spirit. If you are half human, you will find yourself identifying with Viggo's character as The Man. Questioning him and yourself about the circumstance he and his son find themselves in.
From what I have heard from people that have seen it say it's faithful to Cormac's novel, so I am happy for that. Why even adapt a McCarthy novel if you aren't going to be genuine and authentic to the book ? You can't mess with his words. So far the film is at a 83% approval rating. This is one film I truly can attest to anticipating for a very long time. And I could use a good movie about now. Personally, I think 2009 has been the weakest year in film in a very long time.

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