Thursday, December 23, 2010

Role watch 2011: Juliette Binoche in Sponsoring

Keep your eye out next year for a role actress Juliette Binoche will be playing in a movie titled Sponsoring, directed by art house lenser Malgarzada Szumowska.

The premise goes like this...Anne ( Binoche ), a Parisian journalist, leads a pleasant life juggling family, work and leisure. She is investigating student prostitution. She meets Alicja, a Polish student whose persona is troubling and seductive and Charlotte, a French woman, more reserved and viewing her prostitution as part of a bitter social struggle. Having "clients" allows the two women to continue their studies. Anne is sensitive to the students' social realities, but little by little their stories touch her more profoundly, leading her to question her own assumptions and sexuality.

No release date has been set yet but I'm thinking in a what looks like a thin year for leading actresses she might have a shot at a Oscar nomination for this role.

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