Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Everybody has a top 10: Here's mine...

Some of these choices may be biased because I read the novels ( and liking them ) before seeing the films, but I have surprised myself in my favorite movie of the year is a documentary. But what a moving film it is ! You'd have to have no human pulse to not get something from that film. It's invigorating, frustrating and then satisfying at least from the families standpoint, that they get to tell their side of the story.

And in a NOT surprise, that I still have Shutter Island in my top 5. There are many reasons why I think the film is a good one as I have written about on this site in the past. The Rush documentary is a total biased choice. But I have always loved the band and you wouldn't even need to be a fan of the group to enjoy this in depth career retrospective. Other than that, some career best performances by Natalie Portman, James Franco and Colin Firth in their respective films.

1) The Tillman Story
2) Animal Kingdom
3) A Prophet
4) The Fighter
5) Shutter Island
6) The King's Speech
7) True Grit
8) 127 Hours
9) Black Swan
10) Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage

Honorable mention: Inception, The Social Network, The Town, The Ghost Writer, Winter's Bone, Solitary Man.

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