Saturday, December 18, 2010

Birthdays for Spielberg and Pitt

Two Hollywood A listers celebrate their birthday on the same day today. Mega director Steven Spielberg turns 64, and actor Brad Pitt is 47 respectively.
As for projects... Spielberg specifically is as busy as he has ever been. He has The War Horse coming next Christmas and also he and Peter Jackson have The Adventures of Tintin. Then he'll direct Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln, the biopic about our 16th President. Busy he is indeed.
As for Pitt, his has two high profile films coming in 2011 first, the long delayed Terrence Malick film, The Tree Of Life with Sean Penn. Then the Billy Beane/Oakland A's film Moneyball, directed by Bennet Miller. ( Capote )

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Vaishak Jedi said...

WOW thanks for the update...I am always the follower this blog..

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