Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kirk Douglas

Iconic film legend Kirk Douglas turns 94 today. The man seems to be doing well in his advancing years even after surviving a life threatening stroke in 1996.
The now retired actor is a three time Oscar nominee, Champion (1949) Lust For Life(1956) and The Bad and The Beautiful (1962) He received a BAFTA nomination for Lonely Is The Brave ( 1962 ) and also a Golden Globe nominee for Detective Story (1951).
But Douglas made many more films with fine performances, such as two films with directing legend Stanley Kubrick ( Paths Of Glory and of course Spartacus ), and other box office hits such as Lust For Life (1956) Gunfight at The OK Corral (1957) The Vikings (1958) Seven Days In May (1964) In Harms Way (1965) and was just as busy in the 1970's where he played the lead in Brian De Palma's thriller The Fury (1978). He even took stabs at trying his hand at comedy with The Villain (1979) and Tough Guys (1986), opposite long time seven time collaborator Burt Lancaster.
As far as lead actors go in Hollywood history, he's simply one of the best from the golden era.

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