Sunday, February 27, 2011

My finalized Oscar predicitions

2:16 pm...February 27th... Here we go, love it or leave it, here's my Oscar picks...

Picture- The King's Speech
Actor- Colin Firth
Actress- Annette Bening
Supporting Actor-Christian Bale
Supporting Actress- Hailee Stienfeld
Director- Tom Hooper- TKS
Adapted screenplay- Aaron Sorkin- TSN
Original screenplay- David Seidler- TKS
Cinematography- Roger Deakins- TG ( Finally gets his gold statue-he's been nominted 9 times already ! The best in the biz )
Editing- The Social Network ( though wouldn't be surprised if TKS won-because most of the time the best picture winner wins editing as well )
Documentary- Inside Job ( can't believe my favorite movie of the year, The Tillman Story, didn't even get nominated- criminal ! )
Art direction- Inception ( wouldn't be surprised if TKS gets this one too )
Score- TKS ( Alexander Desplat's score truly sets the mood for each scene )
Song- Toy Story 3 ( how could that lose ? )
Costume design- Alice In Wonderland
Foreign language- Biutiful ( though I think the better film is In A Better World )
Makeup- The Wolfman ( Rick Baker is a makeup genuis and how could it lose to those other two ? )
Visual effects-Inception ( the biggest slam dunk of the ceremony )
Sound mixing- Inception
Sound editing- Inception
Animated short film- Night and Day ( my heart says The Gruffalo )
Live action short- Na Wewe

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