Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Come on...lay off Melissa Leo already

There's always been smear campaigns that go on in Hollystrange, that's no secret, but not usually when the Oscar nominations are announced. That seems to have changed the last week or so, as it seems some groups have decided to put it on themselves to try and smear Melisa Leo's name.

In a strange twist, it appears that she it putting on her very own best supporting actress for your consideration ad campaign. Apparently, some groups are put off by an actor/actress that doing their own promotion for an Oscar win.

I don't see the problem personally, it's all self congratulatory anyway all these award groups. I also understand her analogy in her reasoning. Melissa feels that she is a character actress and not a A list star. That even though she was nominated for a best actress Oscar for Frozen River a couple of years ago, that she is still a relative unknown at age 50 compared to people like Amy Adams and Helena Bonham Carter. Usually it's the actors representation or the studio behind the film that does the for your consideration ads in magazines. Yet Melisa felt this time around she wasn't getting enough promotion for the role.

I saw the ad myself, and it's nothing but a small ad asking for the Academy's consideration. And to be honest, I think her role was one of the best acted performances of the year in support or otherwise and she really didn't need to self promote for this performance. I think she's been a front runner to win in suport the weekend the film was released. But if she wants to handle her own promotion for the movie, I don't see any problem with it. She's most likely going to win anyway.

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