Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does The Social Network still have a chance ?

Well the last couple have days have been kind of interesting hearing from the so called Oscar experts, bloggers and pundits, having switched over their predictions that The King's Speech will win best picture. This all coming from some tides turning it seems more in The King's Speech favor with the recent wins the movie had by snagging the Producer's Guild Award and then director Tom Hooper grabbing the DGA award for best director.

This new sentiment is in The King's Speech favor, and is not illogical at all. The King's Speech I always felt was more of a " Oscar " type film than The Social Network, where that film was clearly the critics favorite, the Academy doesn't always align with the critics favorites.

But... I wouldn't turn my back totally on The Social Network. I can see both films splitting votes where it comes to best film and director. I would not be surprised in the least if David Fincher won his first best director Oscar, while The King's Speech wins best picture. I can say this, at least it's not so predictable as it's been in the last couple years. People that predict the Oscar nominations as of now, can truly say they have a good idea what film might win, but for once best picture is not a slam dunk. And I like that. Makes for a more interesting night.

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