Monday, October 12, 2009

So much praise coming Carey Mulligan's way...

I have yet to see the movie, An Education, but it looks like already ( in mid October ) people are already crowning her the Best Actress Oscar. ( ??? )

With any " super " hype about a performance in a movie like she is obtaining now, obviously I will have to see it for myself, even if the premise of the film isn't something that truly grabs me.

I just know there is three months left in the year, with still a lot of film's and performances that have not been seen yet. I just feel it's a tad premature to already say someone is the favorite when we still have awhile left in the year. I also hope people do not bandwagon the performance like the way Slumdog was treated. It was as if you said you really didn't feel Slumdog deserved the Best Picture Oscar, then you were insane or something. Not THAT many people could have thought that was the best film of 2008. Heck, it only recieved a distributor a day before it went straight to video ! I think it should have got the best underdog or overacheiver award due to the skill of director Danny Boyle, but not the best film of 2008. Sorry, some of the acting... well that's another topic.

As I have said, I haven't seen An Education yet, so I'm not placing Carey in my prediction list now. And I will grade her performance accordingly, not because the bandwagon train has already boarded and taken over.

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Anonymous said...

I hate that when they claim someone the winner months before the awards and not all the performances have been seen yet. I personally do not see anything special in this. She just looks like an ordinary young woman.

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