Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brothers Preview/Synopsis + Trailer

Brothers Dec 4

Directed by Jim Sheridan ( My Left Foot, In America ) Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, Toby Maguire, Sam Shepard, Mare Winnnigham, Cliff Curtis, Carey Mulligan. Written by BAFTA nominee David Benioff ( The Kite Runner, 25th Hour ) Cinematography by Emmy nominee Frederick Elmes ( Blue Velvet, The Ice Storm ) Editing by Oscar nominee Jay Cassady ( Into The Wild ) Original music by 10 time Oscar nominee Thomas Newman ( Lemony Snickets, Road To Perdition )

Story is about a Marine Captain ( Maguire ) that goes missing while on his 4th tour of duty and thought of to be deceaced, when after some time has passed, his drifter brother ( Gyllenhaaal ) and total opposite,offers himself to come step in and help his brothers wife and two kids, in an act that will be inviting huge consequences in the end.

Rated R for language and some disturbing violent content.

Oscar chances ? Possible for Maguire in suport and maybe screenplay.

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Anonymous said...

i thought 'Brothers' hit home, both by way of movie quality and the message it was trying to send

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