Sunday, October 18, 2009

Russell Crowe moves on from Robin Hood

Robin Hood will be seeing a May 2010 release, but Crowe has already jumped on to his next project; The Next Three Days, a crime thriller currently shooting in Pennsylvania, directed by Crash director Paul Haggis and co-starring Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde and Brian Dennehy.


Lilithas said...

I'm putting the focus on Robin Hood here: don't you think Crowe is a little too old to be playing Hood?

I'm comparing it with the older Kevin Costner version, of course. I always imagined the antagonism between Hood and the Sheriff started when Hood was in his early twenties.

Though I have total faith in both Crowe (who hasn't let me down before) and Ridley Scott. Just wanted a second opinion. ;)

moviefreak said...

When I first heard this was announced I have to admit I cringed, but with Ridley and the team he has has surrounded himself with on the Robin Hood production ( basically his Gladiator crew ) I think the look and feel of Robin Hood will be more in tone with Gladiator than the Costner film. Basically like Robin Hood meets Gladiator.

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