Monday, October 12, 2009

Has Vince Vaughn lost it ?

Vince Vaughn celebrity profile

I saw Couples Retreat and thought it was a renter and have read some pretty scathing reviews from other people that didn't like it either. You figure by now, that Vaughn should be able to carry a movie, we know the answer is yes, because has done so for a long time now. My feeling though, that the last several movies he has made, it appears that he's just showing up to collect a paycheck. I remember at one time when he wasn't ( or it didn't seem this way to me ) in such earlier films like Swingers, Return To Paradise, Jurassic 2 and Clay Pigeons.

It was plain as day he was just going through the motions in Couples Retreat. But there are more than a few of these actor's of both sexes that seem to be into this pay to play thing without any regard to the material they choose or attempt to at least becoming/portraying another person. I will make some examples of some film thesp's that research hard for a role and try to make themselves believable as the character they are playing, and they would be Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Jeff Bridges, Russell Crowe, Morgan Freeman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton and Daniel Day-Lewis to name several. These actors prepare, research, do what it takes to " look " the part and come across that it means something to be playing that character, and Vaughn hasn't seemed like that for awhile now...

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