Wednesday, October 28, 2009

March is production date for Coen's take on True Grit

As I had submitted here back in March, ( actually having to go way back in archived post's ) there is news that the Coen brothers are going to take their own stab at not a remake, but of " a re-telling " of True Grit, seen more from them closely adapting the book, rather than a full on remaking of the movie.
Super movie news magazine Variety, is just now letting you in on the info. So far said to be signed on are Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.


Anonymous said...

A True Grit remake by the Coen brothers ? Hmmm...not a big remakes fan but I do know the book was different than the movie with John Wayne. It's hard to think the Coen's would make this bad especially with the casting so far. And yes, I do remember your entry in the spring about it. You are way ahead of Variety !

moviefreak said...

Thanks moviechic. I have had some offers from some other sites but want to see how far I can take mine. Variety is not the be all and end all for motion picture info.

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