Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Coen's nail it again with A Serious Man

Just saw A Serious Man over the weekend with some relatives, and I must say, yet again, I came away pretty impressed. This got me talking to everyone I was with ( who are all Coen brother fans ) what our top 5 Coen brothers movies. I can safely say they there is only one that I really thought was just average fare, and that was Intolerbale Cruelty, but I still didn't think it was all out bad either.

So, for me personally, these are my favorite Coen's motion pictures...

1) Fargo ( still )
2) The Big Lebowski
3) No Country For Old Men
4) A Serious Man
5) Raising Arizona
6) Miller's Crossing
7) Burn After Reading
8) The Man Who Wasn't There ( great cinematography is that )
9) Barton Fink
10)The Hudsucxker Proxy
11)Blood Simple
12)The Ladykillers
13 Oh Brother, Where Are Though ?
14)Intolerbale Cruelty

Now that is a pretty impressive compilation of film's.

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Anonymous said...

Lebowski is my fave Coen brothers movie. I am looking forward to A Serious Man. The Coen's rarely put out a stinker.

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