Sunday, November 21, 2010

Legacy Of Secrecy on DiCaprio's plate ?

Leonardo DiCaprio is quickly filling up his filmography with all sorts of subjects. It's been reported that DiCaprio will play FBI informant Jack Van Laningham, in Legecy Of Secrecy, based for the book by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartman, who obtained the confession of Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello to having ordered JFK's assassination.

As part of a dangerous and long-secret undercover operation, the FBI positioned Van Laningham to become the confidant of Marcello, who ruled organized crime in Louisiana and most of Texas for decades.

The FBI's clandestine operation with Van Laningham and the full story behind Marcello's JFK confession remained secret for decades, until Waldron and Hartmann published the declassified FBI files from the National Archives in 2009's "Legacy of Secrecy."

Legacy of Secrecy tells the full story. . .

. . .of JFK’s murder and the tragic results of the cover-ups that followed, as revealed by two dozen associates of John and Robert Kennedy, backed by thousands of files at the National Archives.

The result of twenty years of research, it finally tells the full story long withheld from Congress and the American people, by exposing for the first time:

• Uncensored FBI files revealing the clear confession of Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello to arranging JFK’s assassination, and meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

• New disclosures about the JFK assassination confessions of Marcello’s partners — Tampa godfather Santo Trafficante and Mafia don Johnny Rosselli — plus admissions from two of their associates who helped them kill JFK.

• How the three Mafia chiefs had a dozen mob associates infiltrate John and Robert Kennedy’s top-secret “Plan for a Coup in Cuba,” set for December 1, 1963—and used parts of the coup plan to kill JFK in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

• Why Robert Kennedy and top U.S. officials withheld crucial information to prevent a confrontation with the Soviets and protect JFK’s ally high in the Cuban government: Commander Juan Almeida, who is still listed as Cuba’s #3 official today.

• How officials like J. Edgar Hoover and the CIA’s Richard Helms also used the opportunity to cover-up their own misjudgments, misdeeds, and intelligence failures, setting the stage for further tragedies.

• The names of the two Georgia men who paid James Earl Ray to assassinate Martin Luther King, why they wanted Dr. King killed, and how Ray contacted them in Atlanta the day after King’s murder.

•Why the FBI withheld files from Congress showing that Marcello brokered the contract on Dr. King, and the connection Rosselli had to James Earl Ray.

• How Robert Kennedy’s efforts to bring JFK’s killers to justice was thwarted by his own murder, raising new questions about RFK’s slaying by focusing on Sirhan Sirhan’s criminal ties and the confession of a Rosselli associate.

• The roles played by a dozen veterans of the JFK-Almeida coup plan — such as E. Howard Hunt — in Watergate. Legacy of Secrecy explains what the burglars were really looking for, why Nixon risked his Presidency to get it, and how Watergate triggered the downfall of Marcello and Rosselli.

• How Congressional investigations of Marcello, Trafficante, and Rosselli for JFK’s murder were stymied by the murders of five witnesses, including Rosselli and Jimmy Hoffa.

I find all this information about cover ups and whatnot in some of the biggest story's in United States history fascinating.

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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

Why does every generation have to prove who killed JFK? French intelligence first figured it out in 1965. And New Orleans DA Jim Garrison proceeded to interview hundreds of witnesses - including one of the sharpshooters - for the grand jury investigation. It's all there in the Parish of New Orleans records. Then the House Committee on Assassinations had to prove it all over again in 1978. As did Oliver Stone with his 1992 movie JFK. The conspiracy went to the highest levels of government - namely the joint chiefs of staff with the close collaboration of Hoover and Johnson. And yes, they used CIA contractors and Mafia mules to move money, but the conspiracy was hatched by the joint chiefs of staff - and paid for by a bunch of NASA and Defense contractors and oil company executives. What really makes me sick is that this is all publicly available information - available in any library. I happened to make the acquaintance of a JFK assassination witness in 1984, and my life has never been the same. I write about this in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

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