Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Bridge On The River Kwai gets Blue-ray treatment

One of the movies that you can put into the " classics " category, the 1957 film has been released on Blue-ray with a new format and look to it. The 1957 which is a adaptation of the Pierre Bouelle novel and the film directed by the late, great David Lean, was nominated for 8 Academy Awards, winning seven including best picture, actor ( Alec Guinness ) director, adapted screenplay, score, cinematography and editing.

So what's new, any cool new featurettes ? What Goodies Are There?

The picture-in-picture interactive track here - Crossing the Bridge - is an intriguing appendix to the film, though it's not quite as immersive and consistently interesting as it should be. Then come the featurettes: An episode of The Steve Allen Show featuring Guinness and Holden (6:00), some audio excerpts from Holden (2:00), The Rise and Fall of the Jungle Giant (6:00) (about the big explosion at film's end), a USC short film featuring more interview footage from Holden (15:00), and a quick appreciation of the film from writer John Milius (8:00).

Most impressive is the documentary The Making of The Bridge on the River Kwai (53:00), which fuses much of the info included elsewhere on this set into an entertaining, informative single bonus. Also here are a stills gallery, a pair of trailers and a DVD Edition of the movie.

If you are into the classic and want to see thie film in a cleaner version with some cool extras, you can't go wrong with this Blue-ray.

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