Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not as leery about Love Ranch as I initially have been

A few years ago when I heard there was going to be a return of Joe Pesci starring in a new movie again, I got pretty excited as I feel he's good when given good material to work with. Well... that film is called Love Ranch, which will see Pesci cast alongside Oscar winner Helen Mirren and directed by her husband Taylor Hackford ( Ray, Proof Life ) and it has been complete now for two years.
Usually that is not a good sign when a movie is delayed a release that long. This made me leery over time about my initial anticipation for it. I began to think that it must suck and they can't even find a distributor, as there hasn't even been a trailer for the film. Nothing.
Now I can let out a somewhat sigh of relief after I found out the reason for it's delay is because the film has been in litigation for almost two years. It has finally been let out of it's litigation for release and will open in a limited fashion in June and if it shows potential promise then it will expand to more theaters.

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