Monday, May 10, 2010

The Denzel/Tony Scott pairing

On November 12, another Tony Scott ( brother of Ridley if you didn't know ) and Denzel Washington film will be released called Unstoppable. This seems sort of strange to me. It's their 5th movie together. Aside from Crimson Tide most haven't been all that great. But this pairing is starting to look like a muse/actor type relationship, as is for example the DiCaprio/Scorsese ( once DeNiro ) or say Tim Burton/Johnny Depp pairings.
While some of the Washington/Scott films have been not very good to even being panned, it just goes to show you, that if even if a film isn't received well, it will not stop an actor and a director to keep working on projects together.
I for one personally wish Tony Scott would go back to his old, or say more personal stories, like True Romance, Crimson Tide and Spy Game.
He also has adopted this new way of filming and editing in the choppy, fast hand held manner that gets old fast. I wish he would abandon that style as well, because he has done some great work in the past.

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kevin b said...

Yes, the only real killer flick they have done is Tide. I didn't like Pelham 123 or the rest. Now Unstoppable ?! They already made that. It was called Runaway Train with Jon Voight.

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