Monday, May 10, 2010

Mike Myers Keith Moon project still in production

Several years ago when I found out that Mike Myers intended on making a biopic about legendary Who drummer Keith Moon and his intention was to star as the late skinsman, known for his penchant for smashing his drums, I just couldn't see it.
By the time this movie is supposed to be released, which is slated for 2012, Myers will be 49 years old. Moon was 32 when he passed away in 1978. Basic math tells you that's almost a 20 year age difference.
If they are going to do a movie about Keith Moon, more than likely the story would cover his entire life, which ended fairly young still. Casting Meyers as Moon is not a good choice, as he just can't pass for an 18 year old Moon, 24 or even 32 year for that matter. At least be authentic if they are going through with this, which it looks like they are, with the project's status saying it's still in production.
I think Jason Schwartzman would be a better choice to portray Moonie, as he looks more like him, can play the drums and is closer in age. Just makes sense.
Myers obviously knows the Moon biography and is a fan of The Who, so why doesn't he help write the script and direct it. He's just too old now to play the drummer. I wouldn't buy it for a second.

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