Friday, May 21, 2010

Could Jim Sturgess be an Oscar dark horse ?

Here is one of the first pics I have seen of Jim Sturgess in Peter Weir's upcoming The Way Back. The word is that Jim has the most lines in the film, more than co-stars Ed Harris, Saorise Ronan and Colin Farrell, most likely earning him the leading man moniker.
I was thinking, if this movie goes over well with critics which I have a feeling it will, could Sturgess be a dark horse Oscar nominee for Best Actor ? I know he's not a household name, a friend of mine didn't even know who he was, but he has been good to impressive in most of the stuff he has been in previously. I mean, Jeremy Renner wasn't a household name either by the time The Hurt Locker came out either and look what happened to him. Oscar nomination.
I'm relegating him still a very much dark horse at him getting a nod. But like with any year, it will depend on if he will get any precursor attention. If he holds his own in what is said to be a powerful performance by Harris, and he carries the film on his back, then his chances will improve a lot. It will also help if the movie is a critical and theatrical smash. Regardless, I'm looking forward to this movie.


drakester said...

Realy looking forward to this film. I like all of Peter Weirs movies.

Fantasy Girl said...

Jim Sturgess plays Janusz, the main character in the film, who leads his fellow prisoners in an escape and walk from Siberia south to India. Based on a true story, THE LONG WALK, Jim is in every scene of the film, as the story is told through his eyes. He's an amazing actor and continues to be sort by some of the most acclaimed young directors. His upcoming roles are UPSIDE DOWN (filming in Montreal with Juan Solanas), ONE DAY (Lone Sherfig's follow up to AN EDUCATION), and PROMISED LAND (Director Michael Winderbottom). Keep your eyes on Jim, especially in ONE DAY, which also stars Anne Hathaway. Oscar predictions are a good bet for Jim Sturgess.

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