Friday, May 28, 2010

The Iceman ( Richard Kuklinski )

Director Ariel Vroman ( Danika, Rx ) is in pre-production for his new film called The Iceman that is due for a 2011 release. The script is being adapted from the Anthony Bruno novel about the notorious hit man Richard " The Iceman " Kuklinski. The sociopathic murderer who killed more than 200 people, for freelance, hits for the Gambino crime family or at times when someone just pissed him off. A killer who earned his nickname from his penchant for stashing the bodies of his victims in freezers.
As of now it has been announced that Oscar nominated actor Michael Shannon will portray the man who lived a double life. One that was seen as a well mannered family man and another who would kill someone as easy as like you would have your morning coffee.
I like Shannon as an actor just fine, but not for this part. I think as you can witness with the photo above, that I think the perfect choice for the role would be James Gandolfini. He's closer in age and resembles Kuklinski more. But... we'll just have to see how it turns out.
Any true crime follower will probably find this film something to look out for. Kuklinski was a true sociopath in every sense of the word. But not a dummy. His killing spree lasted 30 years. Watching his interviews in prison were enough to raise the hair on your neck him admitting so many horrid acts on people like it was nothing. It will be interesting how the writers and director will tackle the subject matter and what slant they put on it.

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