Monday, April 19, 2010

Supporting actor performances to look out in 2010

It's a good year in the supporting actor category. Here are some to keep your eye on.

Christian Bale- The Fighter ( pictured )
Josh Brolin- True Grit
Javier Bardem- Eat, Pray, Love
Vincent Cassell- Black Swan
Aaron Eckhart- Rabbit Hole
Andrew Garfield- Never Let Go
Ed Harris- The Way Back ( pictured )
Ben Kingsley- Shutter Island
Kevin Kline- The Conspirator
Joseph Gordon- Levitt- Inception
John Malkovich- Secretariat
Bill Murray- Get Low
Jack Nicholson- What Do You Know ( category placement confusion at this moment )
Brad Pitt- The Tree Of Life
Giovanni Ribisi- The Rum Diary
Sam Rockwell- Betty Anne Waters ( pictured )
Geoffrey Rush- The King's Speech
Michael Shannon- The Runaways
Mark Ruffalo- The Kid's Are Alright

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