Sunday, April 25, 2010

More movie remake news...ho-hum :(

If you have ever read my entries, you know by now my biggest pet peeve when it comes to movies, is all the unnecessary remakes in film today. Especially what I would consider classics.
Now filming has began on a remake of Mildred Pierce made famous by Joan Crawford in 1945 and directed by the late great Michael Curtiz based off the novel by James M. Cain to be released on HBO in 2011.
In this version directed by Todd Haynes ( Far From Heaven, I'm Not There ) will also star Evan Rachel Wood as Mildred's daughter Veda, Guy Pierce, Melissa Leo and Mare Winnigham. Nice cast, but really ? Did this need to be remade ?

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ladydrez71 said...

I am in the minority where I feel Winslet is a tad overrated.

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