Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dark Fields- An interesting and original concept

An adaptation of the 2003 novel by Alan Glynn, tells the story of a burned out, small time Manhattan copy writer and ex cocaine addict Eddie Spinola ( Bradley Cooper ) who finds himself in strange circumstances with in hand the possession of a new experimental drug called MDT-48, a drug with some very interesting effects. On Eddie's first trip, he finds himself thinking faster, knowledge coming far more quicker than before and more clearly. The effects similar to your brain being on steroids. This is enticing to Eddie, as it turns him into a highly intelligent person. The drug also enhances personality, and in time Eddie becomes the most charismatic guy on the party circuit.
He then also parlays this new found intellect into playing the stock market and with the result of it making him rich.
But there is one thing, and Eddie is ignoring it... the drug ( as with all ) has serious side effects.
The film is directed by Neil Burger ( The Illusionist, The Lucky Ones ) also starring Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro and Andrew Howard.

March 18th 2011.

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