Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zack Snyder chosen to direct Superman reboot

Zack Snyder who has directed top grossing films such as 300 and Watchman has been given the go ahead by Christopher Nolan ( producing ) to helm the reboot of the new Superman film.

Personally I have no emotional investment in another Superman film, I wasn't berating movie studio producers calling for another Superman film. But I'm sure there are millions upon millions that are chomping at the bit to hear this news as Superman being their favorite super hero. Especially fans that find Synder one of their favorite directors. Casting should be very interesting. Many blogger's and message board fans have chimed in that they'd like to see Jon Hamm cast as the Man Of Steel. Now that's not a bad choice at all. We certainly shall see in the upcoming months what the casting will turn out like.

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