Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nicholson and Cruise to re-team for new film ?

There are reports from those in the know that both Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson are being talked about for a film called El Presidente, a comedy for Warner Bros. In the film, written by former Daily Show/ Conan O'Brien writer Dan Goor, about a secret service agent that is hired to protect an ex-president described as "bumbling and degenerate." According to a close source, Cruise is attached to play the part of the secret service agent while an offer is out to Nicholson for the part of the ex-president.

This sounds like it has some major potential, albeit that both actors stick with the project. Cruise is attached to a ton of films already. But this could get a fast track treatment. Being attached to a film is not a concrete for sure that it goes down this way. But with both stars not exactly blowing the roof off with some of their most recent work, this combination could be just that right shot in the arm that their career could use. Also, they are not dumb by any means... in that they know what happened the last time they made a movie together. It just so happened to be the top grossing film of the year and garnered Oscar nominations for picture as well as Nicholson in support.
To both stars, this project should be a no brainer. Now just add a very strong director and then you most likely have a great film in the making.

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