Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Company Men Preview/Synopsis

The Company Men October 22

Written and directed by executive producer John Wells ( One Hour Photo, Far From Heaven ) Starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, RoseMarie De Witt, Craig T. Nelson. Cinematography by Oscar nominee Roger Deakins ( No Country For Old Men, The Reader ) Editing by Robert Frazen ( Smart People, Friends With Money )

The film studies the effects of corporate downsizing on families and communities. Ben Affleck plays a white-collar corporate employee who, after losing his six-figure salary, is offered a job installing drywall from his blue-collar working brother-in-law, played by Kevin Costner.

Rated R for language and brief nudity. 109 min.

Oscar chances ? I seriously don't see it. A very slight chance for supporting actress ( DeWitt ) The film has received mixed reviews at best.

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