Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The halfway mark

This is one year where I really feel like the second half of the movie season will save the year to being a pretty good one. Until then, it's been pretty slim pickin's.

Best picture

Solitary Man
Shutter Island
The Tillman Story ( it's a doc but still captivating nonetheless- it moves you because the story is asinine it even happened )
Nowhere Boy
Green Zone
The Ghost Writer
Get Low
Leaves Of Grass
Winter's Bone

Next 5- Centurion ( Michael Fasbender is becoming one of my favorite actors ), Edge Of Darkness, Iron Man II, Cyrus, Animal Kingdom ( good Aussie indie look for it ).


Michael Douglas- Solitary Man
Leonardo DiCaprio- Shutter Island/Inception ( which film ? )
Edward Norton- Leaves Of Grass
Robert Duvall- Get Low
John C. Reilly- Cyrus
( Aaron Johnson comes close in Nowhere Boy-he should get the newcomer of the year award )


Annette Bening- The Kids Are Alright
Rebecca Hall- Please Give
Jennifer Lawrence- Winter's Bone
Tilda Swinton- I Am Love
Chole Moretz ( just because she gives a real adult like performance for a little girl- keep your eyes on her, she's the next Dakota, she just got a part in Hugo Cabret, Scorsese's next that's filming now )

Supporting Actor

Bill Murray- Get Low
Mark Ruffalo- The Kid's Are Alright
Ben Kingsley- Shutter Island
Pierce Brosnan- The Ghost Writer ( category placement- McGregor had more lines )
John Hawkes- Winter's Bone

Supporting Actress

Sissy Spacek- Get Low
Catherine Keener- Please Give
Michelle Williams- Shutter Island
Amy Ryan- Green Zone
Jacki Weaver- Animal Kingdom


Martin Scorsese- Shutter Island
Sam Tayor-Wood- Nowhere Boy
Aaron Schneider- Get Low
Paul Greengrass- Green Zone
Roman Polanski- The Ghost Writer

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