Sunday, July 11, 2010

Director switch for The Wolf Of Wall Street ?

With Martin Scorsese now in the beginning of shooting Hugo Cabret in the UK, it looks like he's not going to direct The Wolf Of Wall Street after all as he had previously planned with Leonardo Dicaprio to star. Scorsese may stay on as producer but will not direct the film.
Apparently Dicaprio is still involved and the rumor is that Ridley Scott really likes the script that was written by Terry Winter ( The Sopranos ) and has expressed interest in the project. Timing will be tricky for both actor and director as DiCaprio has the J. Edgar Hoover project with Clint Eastwood next and Ridley Scott with the Alien prequel on his plate. A big plate that is too !
If you didn't know by this time, The Wolf Of Wall Street is a true story from a memoir written by Jordon Belfort, a stock chopper who made millions with the investment firm Stratton Oakmont, a young man who lived the high life of riches and exorbitant amount of drug use, then to see it all come crashing down for stock market manipulation and running a boiler room. Belfort was indicted on securities fraud and money laundering. His investor losses reached the 200 million mark.
He then agreed to a pump and dump scheme with the FBI and served 22 months in prison and is now reportedly a free lance consultant and is also 13 years sober.
I myself read the script a year or so ago and it's a fast read and funny at times story with many different sub-plots going on at the same time. All I could think was that this would be a very interesting movie to sit through if it got made.

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Maynard said...

I read this book as well. Great read. Almost reads like a screenplay. I hope this gets made !
Thanks for the news !!

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