Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Cinematography at the next Oscar's ?

Congratulations to Wally Pfister for winning the Academy Award for best Cinematography for Inception. What you say ? The Oscar's aren't for another seven months. I know this, but one can speculate and predict and that's what I'm doing with Pfister for his work in Inception. Many including myself, thought he should have won for The Dark Knight, I thought that film had better photography than the winner Slumdog Millionaire, but that film was the little engine that could and I was not the least surprised when that film won.
My reasoning why Pfister will finally nab his first gold statue is 1) He's very due 2) The photography is amazing.... many people are talking about the photography of the film 3) If Avatar can win mostly being shot with Green screen ( as part of Inception is as well ) but a lot of Inception was filmed on location too so that should be taken into consideration by the Academy.
Previous films shot by Pfister are The Prestige ( Oscar nod ) Batman Begins ( Oscar nod )Insomnia, Laurel Canyon and The Italian Job.
What are some of the films I think may give Pfister and Inception a run for it's money ? Look for good cinematography in The Way Back ( Russell Boyd ), Tree Of Life ( Emmanuel Lubezki ), The Town ( Robert Elswit ) 127 Hours ( Anthony Dod Mantle ) True Grit ( Roger Deakins ) The Adjustment Bureau ( John Toll ) Secretariat ( Dean Semler ) Hereafter ( Tom Stern ) Biutiful ( Rodrigo Prieto ) Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I ( Eduardo Serra ) Robin Hood ( John Mathieson ) The Ghost Writer ( Pawel Edelman ) Black Swan ( Matthew Libatique ) Faust ( Bruno Delbonel ) London Boulevard ( Chris Menges ) and The Eagle and The Ninth ( Anthony Dod Mantle )

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