Friday, September 3, 2010

The Romantics Trailer/Synopsis

The Romantics September 10

Written and directed by novelist Galt Niederhoffer ( Prozac Nation )Starring Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Adam Brody, Elijah Wood, Malin Ackerman, Candice Bergen, Jeremy Strong. Cinematography by Sam Levy ( Wendy and Lucy ) editing by Jacob Craycroft ( A Prairie Home Companion ) and original score by Jon Sadoff ( The Merry Generation )

Seven college friends reunite six years later for the wedding of Lila (Anna Paquin) and Tom (Josh Duhamel). Things go awry when the maid of honor ( Holmes ) and the bride clash over the groom, with whom the maid of honor was once romantically involved.

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, partial nudity, language and some drug material.

Oscar chances ? Likely none but may get a Spirit nomination for writing. Possibles for MTV Award nods for best kiss or best villain or something like that if it's even remembered by that time.

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