Sunday, September 5, 2010

Clooney's next behind the camera; Farragut North

George Clooney is looking to get behind the camera again to do an adaptation of the acclaimed stage play Farragut North, that was written by Beau Willimon that is supposed to begin filming in Febraury. Willimon, a former Democratic political operative, has also written the screenplay.

'Farragut North' tells the story of Stephen Myers, a twentysomething presidential campaign whiz kid who plays all sorts of dirty tricks to get his Democratic candidate the nomination against a rival senator.

Chris Pine, who played Myers in the Los Angeles stage production, has been tapped for the screen role.

Clooney has also approached Philip Seymour Hoffman to play Paul Zara, Myers' hard-bitten boss. Paul Giamatti is set to play the campaign manager of the rival senator.

Clooney also has offers out to Evan Rachel Wood to play a teen staffer with whom Myers has a sexual dalliance and Marisa Tomei as a journalist.

The film will be independently financed but talks are underway for Sony to handle distribution.

George Clooney can currently be seen in theaters in 'The American,' a thriller directed by Anton Corbijn and also can be seen in his collaboration with director Alexander Payne in The Descendants which has no official release date as of now.

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