Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still no date For Tree Of Life

The film has been done for nearly 2 years, so if you were not aware of this story, Tree Of Life is a period drama, with a fantasy setting directed by the super recluce and the much secretive Terrence Malick ( Days Of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, The New World )starring Sean Penn as Brad Pitt's grown up son, through scenes of Pitt in flashback's to Penn's character's childhood. Jessica Chastain play's Pitt's character's wife.

Rumors are afloat that the perfectionist director is still messing about with the editing process on the film. A notorious slow filmmaker, let alone one of the least active ( 5 films in 37 years ), this long wait has made Tree Of Life one of, if not the most anticpated film's of 2010.

There have only been a few pictures from the set, with no release date mentioned or not even a teaser trailer for us to witness.

These long waits from post production to release date often times have a way of back firing on a movie. As with any long wait for a film, it tends to make the anticipation rise for the audience and almost always by the time the viewer sees the film, their anticipation was for not, and the film lets down. Here's hoping Terrence Malick knows what he's doing. It worked for The Thin Red Line but many were mixed on The New World. Any new info. on the film with be posted periodically.


Jerry's kid said...

Probably the movie I am looking forward to most. I hope your analogy on film's being in post for a long time is wrong. It would be a major fail if a film with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in it written and directed by Terrence Malick isn't good. Nice site by the way, you know your stuff.

varsityblooze said...

I really didn't like The New World but Days Of Heaven and Badlands are classics. This one should be pretty good.

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