Thursday, February 25, 2010

Danny Boyle to tackle 127 Hours

Many wondered just what would be the next project for Danny Boyle, after winning best director and picture for Slumdog Millionaire. Well all that wondering can be put to ease as the filmmaker and his fellow Oscar winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, are now at the end of pre-production to begin filming on their new movie based on a true story titled 127 Hours.

The back story to the film is about real life mountian climber Aron Raslton, who during a canyoneering in the Moad in Utah, encountered a terrible accident, as a boulder was set loose that landed and pinned Ralston against the canyon. For 5 days he struggled to free his arm to no avail. On the 5th day, long after he was out of food and water, dehydrated and delirious, amputated his arm in order to live and free himself albeit with a dull knife from his tool piece. Not only was that a harrowing experience, but then in his delirium, he had to make his way 8 miles down the steep mountain with an severed limb to safety. Basically a mircale. James Franco has been selected to play Ralston.

I'm not an expert in predicting Oscar nominations, but if this story doesn't sound like Oscar bait, and it's a true story about overcoming great odds ( which Oscar does like ) I don't what is.

Shooting begins at the end of March looking for a release at the end of 2010. The rumor out there from the script doctors, is there will be an hour of no dialogue, ala Cast Away. That actually does make sense.

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pinklady71 said...

Now this is something to look forward to ! Thanks for the news !!
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