Monday, February 22, 2010

BAFTA gives a couple of surprise wins

Well, our movie going brethren from across the pond in Britain decided to make a statement for their best actor and actress at their ceremony and vote for Colin Firth in A Single Man and Carey Mulligan for An Education.

Looks to me like the brit's are being a tad bias, as Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock/Meryl Streep have been dominating the precursor's awards so far this year. The BAFTA's threw a wrench in the Bridges/Bullock/ Streep love. So I think it's probably fair to say and also a safe bet to see these two wins as an aberration because truthfully, these two are NOT winning an Academy Award. And anyway, I really didn't see what was real special about either performance by Firth and Mulligan. They were not bad mind you, but Oscar worthy ? I would have had Amy Adams in there for her turn in the awkwardness of her character in Sunshine Cleaning over Mulligan's. I like Colin Firth as an actor but was that a top 5 performance nn A Single Man ? Over Viggo in The Road or Ben Foster in The Messenger? Personally I don't think so, but that's just me. Well, good for them, their country voted them the best, but come Oscar night you won't be hearing their names when the winner is announced. Bet on it.


Jerry's kid said...

No they are not.

varsityblooze said...

They don't have a chance at the Oscar's. Looks like the British Academy were being biased.

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