Monday, June 21, 2010

Another unnecessary remake...Arthur

I'm feel like a broken record bitching about remakes all of the time, but it seems like it's weekly I find out Hollyweird has signed off on another reboot of some film that has already been made.
I am at the point that I really don't care if they remake films that were average in the first place but leave the iconic characters alone.
Russell Brand is going to give it a go to a character Dudley Moore personified and is still a great performance to this day that hasn't got old.
How do they possibly think they can improve a film that was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and winning two; for original song and supporting actor ( John Gielgud ) and Dudley Moore nabbing an Oscar nod for his much iconic Arthur character.
I am beginning to feel like Hollywood is scared of originality. They are basically insulting our intelligence these days thinking this is the kind of movies we want. That's why I am always on the look out for independent movies with original writers and stories. I wouldn't waste my time with a remake of Arthur. I have already seen the movie. There are so many more original stories to be seen and heard if you just keep your eyes and ears open.

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