Monday, November 3, 2008

The Wrestler Preview/Synopsis

The Wrestler Dec.19 ( Limited )

Directed by Darren Aronofsky ( Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain ) Starring Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, Mark Margolis, Ernest Miller and Todd Barry. Written by Robert D. Siegel, Cinematography by Maryse Alberti ( The Power Of The Game ) Editing by Andrew Weisblum ( The Darjeeling Unlimited ) and Original Music by Clint Mansell ( The Fountain, Sahara )

The Wrestler, winner of the Golden Lion Award for Best Picture at the Venice Film Festival, is about Randy " Ram " Robinson, who was a once popular professional wrestler in the 80's, who happens to have to retire prematurely because of a heart attack. Even though Randy longs to get back in the ring for a rematch with is former rival, The Ayatollah, he has to take a job in a deli to make money while not in the ring, at this time where he tries to form a relationship with a not too young stripper ( Tomei ) and he also tries to begin a relationship with his estranged daughter ( Wood ) all the while his feelings for jumping back into the ring dominates his thoughts even though he knows the act would be possibly life threatening.

109 min. Rated R for language, some violence and sexualtiy/nudity

Oscar chances ? Many pundits are saying it's the comeback of the year and Rourke's best ever performance and I have seen many predict him an Oscar nomination. Possibilities are Picture, Director, Supporting Actress and Original Screenplay.


vcmovies said...

I have not read one review yet that has said anything negative about Rourke's performance. He's always had the talent, he's just hasn't been taking the acting too seriously as of late, though I did think his character in Sin City was my favorite. I'm really looking forward to this movie. Maybe Aronofsky might get a Oscar nomination for Direction ???

moviefreak said...

You should see some of the reviews I have seen about Roarke's performance and you'd think it was like the second coming or something. I'm not buying into that because every year crtics and other people will super shine a performance, and then I'm letdown. So hopefully this just might be Mickey's best performance and I can buy that. If you have Netflix go to the comment section and you'll see what I mean.

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