Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adam Resurrected Film Preview/Synopsis

Adam Ressurected Dec. 25 ( limited ) Opens wide Jan.

Directed by Paul Schrader ( Auto Focus, Affliction ) Starring Jeff Goldblum, Willem DaFoe, Derek Jacobi, Juliane Kohler. Written by Noah Stollman ( Someone To Run With ) Cinematography by Sebastian Edschmid ( Almost Heaven ) Editing by Sandy Safeets, Original Music by Oscar winner Gabriel Yared ( The English Patient, Cold Mountain )

Jeff Goldblum plays Holocaust survivor Adam Stein, recovering from mental wounds he suffered from WW II in a asylum for holocaust survivors in 1961 Isreal. The film's focus is on Stein, who is a charismatic former circus performer, magician, cabaret impresario, and musician, who was loved by everyone, including the Nazi's. That is until he finds himself in a concentration camp. Fast foward and Adam finds himself surviving the camp, as he is hand picked by a powerful German Commadant ( DaFoe ) to become his " dog " play thing entertaining the Commadant, while his wife and daughter are killed. Years later we find Adam in a institution, an eccentric but charismatic patient, who confounds his doctors with his intellect and talent. One day Adam smells ( hears ) something and asks a doctor " who brought that dog in here " At first the doctor denies anything, but Adam finds a boy, the dog, who has been living in the basement, chained there. The boy is Adams' muse for a second life, as the two bond and share their experience, Adam sees they were both " dogs " and this is where their journey begins. A Man who was a dog. who meets a dog who was once a boy.

106 min. Rated R for Disturbing behavior, sexuality, nudity and some language.

Oscar chances ? Long shot for Best Actor ( Goldblum ) but you never know, he could be a dark horse. Also screenplay is a possibility.

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