Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Valkyrie Film Preview/Synopsis

Valkyrie Dec.26

Directed by Bryan Singer ( The Usual Suspects, X-Men ) Starring Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Wilikson, Bill Nighy, Terrence Stamp, Carice Van Houton, Eddie Izzard, David Bamber and Thomas Kretschmann. Screenplay by McQuarrie, Cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel ( The Brothers Grimm, Three Kings ) Editing by John Ottman (Apt Pupil, Superman Returns ) Original Music by Ottman ( Cellular, Gothika )

Valkyrie is a true story about a Colonial, Claus von Stauffenberg, in the German Army, who during WWII is severely injured in Africa and returns home to Nazi Germany after the accident. Completely dissolusioned for Germany's fate and realizing Hitler is insane, he develops a secret plan called Operation Valkyrie, one that Hitler agrees to, a plan that if Hitler dies during the war, a secret government would control Germany. The plan is a cover to what is really behind it and that is a German resistance of officers who come together that agree to a plot and assassinate Hilter on July 20 1944 in order to take their country back from a madman and make peace with the allies.
Not only does Stauffenberg lead the resistance group, but it is also he that is to carry out the actual assassination himself.

Rated PG-13 for Violence and Strong Language.

Oscar chances ? It may be a good movie, I just don't see Oscar here for maybe some technical catergories and screenplay.

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