Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire Preview/Synopsis

Slumdog Millionaire Nov.12

" A tale of love, pain, brutality and destiny "

Directed by Danny Boyle ( Trainspotting, The Beach ) Starring Dev Patel, Freida Pinto and Irfan Khan. Written by Simon Beaufoy ( The Full Monty ) Cinematography by Anthony Dod Mantle ( The Last King Of Scotland, Dogville ) Editing by Chris Dickens ( Hot Fuzz, Goal ! ) and Original Music by A.R. Rahmon ( Elizabeth II )
What was the last movie that made you laugh out loud in one scene and then make you shed a tear the next ? Those were words I read about one review of Slumdog Millionaire.
A film about an Indian teen, Jamil Malik ( Patel ), with a somewhat learning disability who lives in poverty in the slums of Mumbai, who becomes the contestant of the Hindi version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, not for the chance to win money, but for the possiblity of his true lost love, Latika ( Pinto ), hoping she will see him on the show as she is a religious watcher of the program. To everyone's surprise he comes one question away from becoming a millionaire, though a local police chief suspects Jamil of cheating. And from there Jamil sheds light in his interrogation and the story of his life is unfolded.
Film was the winner of the Cadillac Award for Best film at the Toronto Film Festival. Many reviewer's are saying they wouldn't be surpised if it ends up the best film of 2008. Roger Ebert predicts an Oscar nomination. I also have not read one negative review yet of more than 20. That's pretty incredible really. I don't remember this much hype about a movie. Not even The Dark Knight was universally loved as this.

120 min. Rated R For some violence, Disturbing images and Language.

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