Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy birthday to Warren Beatty

Actor and old school Lothario Warren Beatty turned 74 today. The man has achieved quite a bit of notoriety in his day...he's a 4 time Oscar nominated actor, a 2 time Oscar nominated director and another 4 time Oscar nominated screenwriter. He won the Academy Award for best director for the phenomenally well done period piece Reds.

He hasn't acted in a film in more than a decade, seemingly to take a back seat to current wife Annette Bening's career, where aptly he seems to be just fine and content with. But if you want to check out some of his best work you can take the opportunity to rent Bonnie and Clyde ( 1967 ) McCabe and Mrs. Miller ( 1971) Shampoo ( 1975 ) Heaven Can Wait ( 1978 ) Reds ( 1981 ) Dick Tracy ( 1990 ) Bugsy ( 1991 ) and a very underrated turn in Bulworth ( 1998 )

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