Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why the Meryl Streep backlash ?

I'm going to give my two cents on comments I have read from visiting a website that briefly mentioned what movies you might be seeing in 2011. One of the movies that obviously is getting word of mouth is The Iron Lady; the bio-pic about the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which will be portrayed by none other than the great Meryl Streep.

To the fans of Streep, this comes across to you like a no brainer choice. But... I was very surprised at the vitriol spewed towards Streep on this site. Many crying foul, that she only chases high profile roles that the voting Academy are well aware of ahead of time. This is straight out rubbish !

I think whoever ( and there seems to be many ) are plain off their rocker. Sure, you are right to your own opinion, but some of you are saying she... sorry Meryl...sucks. You people go back to your crack pipe, and leave great thespians alone. Meryl Streep is a consummate professional and takes her craft very seriously. I think I sense some jealousy in some way. But that doesn't surprise me, for some reasons, there will always be the haters on the good ones.

I am one of the people on board and anticipating Meryl's take on Thatcher. Why would you have a personal vendetta or strong dislike of a actress that never repeats herself twice ? And who can do EVERY genre in film, including comedy, song and dance and pull it off so naturally as Streep does.

I guess that haters and I will have to agree on disagreeing. But... I do know, by fact, that looking back into her filmography, that she has massively spread her acting wings wide and has kept her work fresh.

Bring on The Iron Lady !

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