Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can Nicole Kidman pull the upset ?

I know that the Oscar nominations have not been made yet obviously, but I have been reading and seeing in a lot of places that discuss the Oscar's and specifically the best actress race, and it looks like most people are saying it's a two woman race between Natalie Portman ( Black Swan )and Annette Bening ( The Kid's Are Alright ).

Though both of those respective performances are very good and will be nominated, I am on the fence about Kidman's performance in Rabbit Hole. It's one of her best performances in years and might arguably be her best of her career. I certainly think it's much more well rounded than her role that won her the Oscar in The Hours.

I don't like forgone conclusion in the Oscar races, where people decided in November who's supposed to win. I'm seeing and reading that most feel Nicole will at least get a nomination for Rabbit Hole, but I have seen all three performances, and right now my thinking is that overall, I think Kidman's performance is the best. For me it would be between Kidman and Portman. You have to give credit where it's due towards Portman, not only is her performance in Black Swan her career best, but she's totally believable as that character and then she did her own point dancing too. Then you have the argument where some people think that Bening wasn't even the best in her movie, that it should go to Julianne Moore. That's a whole other argement.
So we definitely don't have a huge heavy favorite in this category, and I like that. Makes the predicting more interesting and not so easy.

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